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Wednesday Wine & Wisdom: Using Amazon to earn a living

This post includes affiliate links, if you click & purchase I will receive a small commission but this will not affect your price so please click & support. Thank you

When I got my diagnosis back in February, I had no clue that lupus would rob me of my livelihood. This meant I was going to be on a fixed income & this diva really knows nothing about that except it sucks for the folks I've come to know who are living that life. They make it but that's about it. 

I'd been blogging fashion for around 8 years but as a hobby, so now it's time to grow some income and quit messing around. One of my very first income streams comes from Amazon. I quickly started learning about the various methods that Amazon offers for earning. The first thing I took advantage of was something called Create Space. 

Create Space

Create space is a way to self publish using Amazon's resources. Many of us have knowledge of something that we could share in a book of some sort. People often think that others aren't interested in what they know. Not true.  Create space gives you an easy platform on which to self publish, they will help you create a cover as well for those like me who are artistically challenged in the graphic arts department.  

One of the great things about this platform is the books are published on demand. So no large amounts of inventory sitting around your garage or your spare room collecting dust while you wait for sales. You are eligible for earnings both in the US and in Europe. Depending on the size & page count of your book, you can calculate what your royalties will be. The journal that I created sells for $14.99 and it earns me royalties each month of varying amounts depending on which country it is sold in but the point is, I created something useful & once it's done, it's done. I simply promote and earn. 

This journal tracks symptoms of autoimmune diseases and allows you to take note of what you are feeling & how you are reacting to your medications each day. This has been super helpful for me on my doctor visits because something may have happened 20 days ago that I will not remember to discuss with my doctor unless I have a track record of it. I take this with me to every doctors visit & it really does come in handy for getting the right questions answered. 


Amazon a-store

Often at the top of my blog posts you will see a disclaimer that says I may have some affiliate links within the post that can earn me income.  In fact, it looks exactly like this:

This post includes affiliate links, if you click & purchase I will receive a small commission but this will not affect your price so please click & support. Thank you

The FTC says I must disclose that so that people won't feel taken advantage of when they find out that I earn income from my recommendations of certain products. While I have many affiliate relationships, one that I share the most frequently is from Amazon. I have what's called an a-store. Check it out if you'd like to see some of the items I use & love.  The commissions on these products is not very high but combined with other income streams it can add up. The bigger & more engaged the audience, the better your chances of earning a great commision.  

Amazon FBA

FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. Many people completely trust Amazon, they've built a stellar reputation but what many people don't seem to understand is that much of its inventory comes from everyday people like me. When you purchase something, check out the "sold by" information just above your pricing. You will often see something similar to this:

The Amazon a-store is a lot of fun but this is where money is really made. This one takes some research to find the right products that will earn you a good profit. I am still selling other people's products but will soon be venturing into private label items. This is where the professionals who earn 6 figures using Amazon spend their time. 

The Wrap-up

Amazon has several other ways to earn income but these are the ones I use most frequently. They take some time to build but if you work at it, yes, it is still work. They can net you some pretty decent income & if you truly hustle, they can allow you to retire to an island somewhere ;-) 

The Wine

Did you think I forgot? Here in Nicaragua, beer is more prevalent & finding wine on the menus of the places I've visited so far is basically non-existent so each Wednesday I will purchase a bottle to share with you. 

The first taste of this was not the greatest experience for me. I am no wine connoisseur but I know what I like. This was drinkable but I will tell you that I won't purchase it again. If you think you might want to try it for yourself though, you can find a place to purchase it here. If you buy a bottle, let me know if your assessment is different from mine. Cheers!