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How to Get Insurance Companies To Pay You When You're Uninsurable

When I got my diagnosis of lupus, I had a great job not to mention, I'm a Veteran so I have the benefit of being able to get care from the VA unlike many others. So I had options but once I was told to go on disability, my wonderful employer insurance was gone. The care us Veterans get at the VA has been splashed all over the news so you know that wasn't the best option. When you take into account long term care & the possibility of multiple hospital stays, I became quite concerned about how I was going to fare in the hands of the VA. 


No longer insurable by the traditional companies...I guess with the advent of the affordable healthcare plan (which is not affordable) I suppose I could get insured but it would still be a plan that I would not be satisfied with. When I went to my financial planner & asked what I could do as far as insurance was concerned, the options and the answer was not pretty.  In that moment, I decided that if you can't beat them, join them. I know from my sales background that commissioned sales, while unpredictable at times can create some serious wealth. 

My challenge was not in learning the ropes, interestingly enough because of putting plans in place when I was younger, I was quite familiar with building wealth, familiar with how both life insurance and money works, I was the mom who taught her kids how compounding interest worked before I sent them off to their first jobs. My challenge was in knowing that I had plans to leave the country & being in a country that my products were not an option to offer. Insert a great reason to join me, I built a team. Yep, an overseas team (they're in America, I'm in Thailand). This is not something you can't do as well. In fact, I want you to use my team. If adding this option to your portfolio as a way to earn income appeals to you, I can help you grow. I can show you the ropes, my team and I are ready to change lives. 

Let me tell you that you will work, there is training & you need to be proactive in your business. I won't build it for you but I will help you grow it if you are interested. There is nothing special about me, if you are here, chances are you found me either on Facebook or on Periscope and you know I'm just like you. So for me to be able to work this business and earn an income is not something that I can't help you duplicate. Don't you at least owe it to yourself to examine all the options to see what best fits you? Let me know if you'd like to check out the possibilities for this to be your method of moving from coping to cashflow.