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From Coping to Cashflow: What It's All About

You all have been hearing me yell for weeks about something I have been calling From Coping to Cashflow. It has been in the works now for several weeks. A few delays but fortunately while I feel this is important, it is not saving lives....yet. 

What's the Deal?

If you landed here the same way I did, then that means you got a diagnosis that said you can no longer work in the position that you once held or the field you specialize in. When I was told that I could no longer sell homes, I was at first relieved but then there was this wave of panic. What am I going to do for income? I had a fairly decent amount of savings but not enough to truly live in the fashion I had become accustomed and then when you factor in the new health issue.  Did I really have enough to survive and take the necessary care of myself? 

Almost immediately the concern for my finances kicked in. I'd alway been on the internet as a side hustle but never as a viable means of making a living. A few hundred dollars a month is cute but doesn't cover much. 

After a few months, I realized my best way to help myself was to utilize the skills that had earned me a living for so long. I had to just figure out how to do that without walking in the Florida sun which was now something that could put me in the hospital & cause me a great deal of difficulty with the diagnosis and the medications I'd been prescribed. 

I'm Lost Can You Help Me Find Myself

I hopped on social media with a vengeance as a way to reach out & as a way to build a community that I could take time with to help at first with coping. Then I realized I was not the only one needing an income stream. I initially was out there trying things I knew about but was honest with my audience, they were more hobbies than things I was an expert at. I would often share my tidbits of information that were making me a hundred or two hundred here or there but felt I was not really serving the audience base well because that still leaves us all working ourselves to exhaustion trying to grab every money making opportunity out there without really honing in on one or two things that could truly make  difference. During my last hospital stay, I realized, the best thing I could do for my audience was to stick to what I truly knew, the very things that had helped me become an award winning sales agent who had multiple awards also for customer service. The single mom who scratched money together to travel the world while working in the tumultuous world of Real Estate. I realized, I could truly take some people who knew that no matter what platform we choose to earn, it will actually require work. So From Coping To Cashflow has taken on a new life & I have a new mission that I am now clear on. I hope you will join me as I share and hopefully make a real difference in the lives of some people who can think outside of the box and are willing to put in some real effort. 

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