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Boxes, breakfast & broken hearts


Stress is a trigger for autoimmune disease. My stress level has been a little all over the place the past few weeks. There have been plenty of tears as I transition my life into the next level of unknown. I've spent the past 20 years living in Florida and I have decided to put it in my rearview mirror permanently. It will always hold a special place in my heart & I plan to visit often because I have so many friends here that are like family....and I have a kid here as well as a grandmother too lol so I actually have family that is like family here.

I've gone through so many boxes over the course of the past month, when my things were packed, it was thought that I would be unpacking them in my next place here in Florida so there was no method to the madness since friends & family were helping me because just a few short months ago, I could hardly walk across a room. So this has forced me to go through every single box & all the memories that come with opening each one. 

boxes, breakfast & broken hearts

In the past month, I've managed to sell away a good portion of the life I have spent decades building. With each person showing up taking something away I have felt lighter. As I get closer to the items that I will keep being all that is left, there have been more tears. The funny thing is whenever I share that there are tears, people comment "it's only stuff" I reconciled the thought of selling everything a while ago, my tears are as I come across long lost items like notes from my son when he was a kid and then there are the tears that say "damn! I thought I was almost through this stuff! When is it all going to be gone! I'm ready to go!" lol 


As I prepare to leave what I have known as home, I have adopted a new portion of my "normal" and that is to share making breakfast daily on periscope. In April I was in Orlando, in May & June, I was in Georgia and July until now I am in Tampa. I have had more limbo than a kids birthday party! I've been in more kitchens I feel like than any one woman who is not a travelling chef should be. It has been a challenge these past few weeks to stay on target for making the breakfasts. I think they have become more simplistic lately as my behind has been dragging & my desire to settle into one last kitchen is taking over.

As I have been sharing, I have been working on a cookbook but because I am all over the place, it has been a little neglected. That actually works out for folks for right now because it's being offered for half off. I have a ton of new recipes that need to be added and once that starts up, the price will increase.  I have a few bonuses planned as well but lately the motivation to be as simple as possible has been what is happening until I get settled. I had considered not doing the breakfast at all until I got settled but I heard from a good friend who follows me that said she looks forward to my breakfasts & actually makes many of them. So, they will remain until I get settled but it's part of the process of learning my new normal.

Broken hearts

As I manage my stress levels, I had to prioritize not just the selling off of my things but also my families reaction to my decision to leave Florida. My son & grandmother are still here. My son has been supportive & is lying to himself....ahem, I mean he keeps saying he's going to leave someday too :-) My grandmother just turned 91, she's going nowhere. I know it is breaking her heart to know that I won't be nearby anymore. My Dad came down for her birthday & just huffed and puffed as I talked about my move, he knows I was here & would check on her, now that peace of mind is gone since he lives in Chicago. I am excited about the next chapter but a part of me has a broken heart as well. The Gulf shores have hummed my name frequently as I walked these beaches. 

Indian Rocks Beach

Indian Rocks Beach

 I am looking forward to sharing my modified normal with you, there are new adventures to be had and shared. So I will pack my boxes, find a new kitchen to share my breakfast & broken hearts do mend.  What major life changes have you made that scare the daylights out of you? :-)