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5 practical tips to achieve goals in life

I am a firm believer in the power of our words, and getting to a point of success takes not just actions but belief in the goals we set for ourselves which means positive, encouraging words as well.

Here I share 5 practical tips to achieve your goals but in the video, I offer you extra insight and a few more tips. 

You can create everything you need to be successful:

  1. A vision for the future. It’s important to know what you want. How will you get what you want if you don’t know what you want? A vision for the future is the same as making decisions about what you want and don’t want. That vision also provides the motivation to continue when things become challenging, and they will.

  2. Goals. Once you have a vision, you’re in the position to create goals to make that vision a reality. Failing to have goals is deciding to keep your life the same.

  3. The ability to create habits. A thin, attractive, healthy body is the result of an effective set of habits. Effective habits will also provide you with a healthy bank account. Your ability to reach your goals is largely dependent on your ability to create and implement habits.

  4. The ability to connect with others. There aren’t too many things you can do completely on your own. Others will be involved along the way. They might be customers, clients, suppliers, partners, or the public at large.

  5. The ability to deal with discomfort. Success involves change. Change is uncomfortable. How do you handle discomfort? Do you become overwhelmed, grab the remote, and head for the couch with a plate full of cookies? Or do you take a deep breath, step up, and take care of business? Successful people are able to act even when they feel uncomfortable.

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