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Top 5 Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

MAC Pro Airbrush Makeup

I love my airbrush and remember when I thought it was only for special occasion type makeup.  There was an infomercial on one night that liberated me by showing me that I did not have to wait for something special to go to the salon to have my makeup done.

Right away I got some makeup and started playing with my airbrush.  I initially started just airbrushing my foundation.  When I spoke about using the airbrush to a makeup artist asking about doing my own eyeshadow, I was discouraged.  Told it was a lot of work and just easier to use traditional makeup.  For a long while, I went with this thought and didn't bother to try.  Well after completely falling in love with the coverage and the lack of transfer I was getting with the foundation, I figured, what the hell, lets see what happens.

Here are what I found to be the top 5 benefits of using airbrush makeup.

  1. Airbrush makeup lays on top of the skin so as we grow older (I'm mid 40's) setting with powder just means all the cracks in your face are more defined.  If the makeup sits on top, you look a bit more youthful.
  2. Very little pulling & stretching on the skin.  With traditional methods you are rubbing products into your skin for example concealers and stretching to get liners on.  I will admit, I don't airbrush my eyeliner but its because my lines would be mad crooked because I need glasses.  Good luck putting on liner with glasses on lol
  3. You never put your hands or brushes inside the bottles so the process is more sanitary.  Yes you have to clean your airbrush but you only have one airbrush instead of a ton of other makeup brushes.  (Don't toss those brushes though, you can use them with the airbrush makeup).
  4. Depending on the formula you choose, you don't have to continuously touch up.  Once the makeup sets it is there until you intentionally remove it.  Water based makeup is well, water based so it will come off easier but when you get into the silicone base and what's called dura based (a pretty word for alcohol) then its there until you put some effort into removing it. 
  5. This is one of my favorite reasons to use airbrush makeup.  You save tons of money.  The initial investment of the compressor and airbrush aren't even huge.  You can get both for under $150.  Take into consideration that I did a review on airbrush foundation last year, I'm still using the same 2 bottles that I mix to get my perfect color.  The bottles are pretty sizable but since you use mere drops for full coverage, these $32 bottles of makeup have lasted me longer than any traditional foundation.  

Have you tried airbrush makeup yet?  If so, what did you like or dislike about it?