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The Business of Blogging Beauty & Fashion

Yes, I know, I've been missing for quite some time.  I'd shared back in October that I was crazy sick.  Unfortunately I am still seeing lots of specialists but the good thing is my heart membrane is no longer swollen.  Yay!  The other thing that getting sick had me doing while I was laying around was re-evaluating what direction I want to go in where blogging/vlogging is concerned.  What I have discovered is I really dig this whole audio visual thing.  So I have decided to do more videos (more reviews, less airbrushing), more fashion too but I've also decided to launch a podcast.  

I love watching Youtube videos, hours upon hours of clothes, makeup & hair.  I'm intrigued but what I'm even more intrigued by is the fact that many of these youtubers re earning a living doing something fun.  My podcast will consist of interviews with these innovative folks and I can't wait to share.  Right now, I'm lining up my list of people I want to talk to & can't wait to hear their stories.  I hope you will join me as I dig into their brains to find out what sets them apart.  

If you are a full time beauty or fashion blogger who would like to be considered, please contact me.