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The Best Age Defying Serum

For years we have heard the term Fountain of Youth.  Ponce de Leon came to Florida (where I happen to live) in search of this fountain.  Well centuries later, I would like to say the fountain exists.  It exists in office buildings, in parks, in our very homes, the water that flows throughout the land has the power to help us all stay younger.

The Benefits of Water

A little more than a month ago while having a conversation with someone on Facebook, we were talkng about an article we'd come across about a woman who was having health issues, they could not figure out what was going on with her but she started drinking a gallon of water a day.  The results health wise & with the changes in her skin made her look and feel 10 years younger.  

Here are some benefits of drinking water that make me want to add a gallon a day to my regimen. 

  1. It rids your body of toxins that it is holding on to.  Granted, the initial breakouts that come with increasing your water intake are not fun but the beautiful skn that stays behind is what we are chasing.
  2. It helps your organs perform better.  This may fall into the category of ridding the body of toxins but its an after affect so to speak.  Think of those little lakes with the 6 legged frogs because of pollution, once the pollutants are gone the wildlife goes back to being at its best.  So getting your organs back to optimum working level keeps the 6 legged creatures out.  Ok, that's a stretch but I need you to work with me here lol
  3. The body thinks it has calories.  This is an AWESOME benefit if you are trying to lose weight.  The body took something in, it acts as if it has calories & it doesn't.  Free fat burner, who doesn't need that?  Most of us are holding about a million lbs....ok, really about 5 lbs of water but that last 10 is usually our nemesis so take off an easy 5 by drinking more water.
  4. Water helps keep you regular.  Yeah, I know, no one really wants to talk about their booties but we all know we have them & we know what happens there so lets just get it over with.  Keeping regular also helps maintain weight & it helps eliminate some of those toxins we discussed earlier which is better for a youthful appeararance.
  5. It helps to give you an energy boost.  Whether you realize it or not, sluggish organs means your body is working harder to do what it should be able to do with ease.  Once more, lets visit our 6 legged frog friends, swimming in polluted waters is much harder than a beautful blue stream and that little fella probably grew those extra legs because he needed to adapt to being able to work through the sludge.  If your body has fewer toxins, it works more efficiently and that extra energy it was using to keep you going can now be translated to more energy for you.  

Youthful skin, more energy & weight loss benefits.  Yep, like I said, this can be found in every drinking glass around the globe.  I challenge you to add 2 more glasses of water a day to your regimen.  Before you eat or drink anything in the morning, have a glass of water and make it the last thing you drink before bed at night.  Its not a gallon but its a start and every drip drop helps.  Cheers!