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STOP Trying to Fit In

Soooo, its been a usual. This time I hope I'm back on a more regular schedule, back in October, I shared that I'd been ill. Well 40 lbs lighter and getting closer to a diagnosis, I'm feeling optimistic. I decided to stop trying to fit in when I was really born to stand out. Don't you just love that saying? 

In the past I've done a lot of shoes & fashion as a hobby blogger. My sites have always been monetized but again this was a hobby. Now I've decided to really grow my following and share what I learn in the process. I want to help you grow as well. Its no fun if I'm the only one reaping benefits, I need to learn from you as well. There will be things I will share and there will be things you too will share so I get to grow because we both help one another. 

I will be asking you to sign up for my newsletter so you can be sure not to miss anything that can help you grow your beauty & fashion blogs. Stay tuned!

Blouse:  (no longer available) Plaid Skirt  Matching tights

Blouse:  (no longer available)
Plaid Skirt 
Matching tights