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Shop Local: Lauren Nicole

I can give you several reasons why I like to shop local and why I like to shop small boutiques. I moved to Orlando almost a year ago & I pass this boutique frequently. There's usually a fun sign outside on the sidewalk and it draws my eye right to the display window. I hadn't ventured in until today. 

The owner Lauren was gracious and allowed me to record in her store where she has some great finds at great prices. Her items are basically under $75, I found a few things that I want in the $40 range. Some of the items are trendy but she has a good amount of timeless pieces. As an over 40 girl, I'm usually looking for the right balance to go into my closet.

If you are not local & would like to support this boutique, she ships!  She always has fun signs like the one below, I shared another one of her signs on another blog post.  She has been in business for 4 years now, 3 in this location which she says is her dream spot. If you stop in to see Lauren, please tell her I said hello and that you learned of her shop here.