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Red Velvet Lips & Red Velvet Cake: Roux, Datz & Dough a review

First let me disclose that my meals were comped for this review but my opinions are not biased.  Thank you Tampa Bay Bloggers for including me in this opportunity.

Now on with the show!  First of all, if you have spent any time in South Tampa you know that Datz is an innovator when it comes down to great food.  Secondly, let me add that the thought of having their Red Velvet cake inspired an airbrushed lipstick look.  We visited 3 different restaurants & at the end of the evening all my lips needed was a little gloss.  Now let's talk about RouxDatz & Datz Dough! They are always adding something new & fun to their menu.  Well, let me now get ahead of myself.  The first stop in our 3 restaurant Crawl 4 Foodies was at Roux. 


The atmosphere here reminded me of the 8 years I lived in Louisiana.  They even have the King Cake, just be careful not to swallow the baby in the cake, they disclose that its a potential choking hazard and I was told that they will be offering King Cake by the slice.  

Roux is located at 4205 South MacDill Avenue in Tampa, as you walk through the door you are greeted with ornate decorations & an overall warm feeling.  We enjoyed looking at all the various paintings & even took the time to realize one of the bloggers looked like a dark haired version of one of the paintings.  

Raffi Darrow enjoying the ambiance at Roux

Raffi Darrow enjoying the ambiance at Roux

I felt like i'd been invited to dinner at an old Louisiana Plantation with the dark rich colors & antique furnishings.  I would say that Roux is the perfect place for date night for sure. 

We started with drinks, there were Hurricanes & I had a drink called French 75 which has champagne in it among a few other things.  It was divine.  

After we finally sat to dine, we chomped down on crab beignets, char-grilled oysters (which were so good they would tempt you to slap your momma) and boudin balls.  Can you tell which of the three were my faves.  These were our appetizers to get us prepared for dinner at the next spot in our food crawl.  If you are interested in the other yummies on the menu, be sure to stop in.  There were tons of things I want to go back to try, spending a good amount of time living in Louisiana, my tastebuds were happy for the trip down memory lane. 


Our next stop was at Datz, once upon a time it was considered a deli but it has since become so much more.  

The ambiance at Datz is a bit more relaxed than it is at Roux, this definitely has a more casual feel to it and a bit more playful too.  It is located at 2616 South MacDill Avenue.  One of my favorite decorative features as a wine drinker are the wine bottle chandeliers.  I drink enough wine to have a few of these made.  

  Just to further let you know how playful the atmosphere is, I leaned over the fence to take this photo :-)  The Datz menu which is ever changing is not printed in a traditional manner, it is printed newspaper style adding more to the casual feel of the restaurant. 

We arrived to spicy popcorn and our first item was a crazy delicious buffalo cauliflower.  Yep, you heard it right, crazy delicious.  I have never had cauliflower prepared any way other than boiled with cheese over the top so this opened a new door for me.  I came back to my little world a changed woman and when I shared this on facebook, I started getting people who were sharing all kinds of great recipes for other ways to prepare cauliflower.  Datz really brought out the foodies on my page for sure.  

Not only did they have an interesting flair of foods such as this cauliflower on the menu, some of the sandwiches were interesting to say the least.  There is the burger with the macaroni & cheese buns.  Yes, you read that correctly, the buns are made of deep friend mac n cheese.  I didn't indulge in this giant burger but I made sure to get a photo of it.  

So I had a meal called the Short Story and it was a pasta dish that was quite tasty.  Needless to say after such big meals we THOUGHT we had no room for desert.  We were all settling in to our seats considering naps on the table when it was time to head to our final destination.  

Oh, see, I'm in such a hurry to get to the sweets that I didn't share the other parts of the meal.  Here you go, now hurry up & look so we can get to the sweets :-)  

Crystal tackling that colossal burger with the Mac N Cheeze bun 

Crystal tackling that colossal burger with the Mac N Cheeze bun 

Datz Dough

Ok, the last place in our crawl was Dough.  I was so eager to get to desert because my tutorial & my look for the day was based on how excited I was about this part of the crawl.  Dough is located right next door to Datz so you won't miss them.  

The, the deserts.  I think I gained 3 lbs just looking at them all.  I had the red velvet cake which of course was planned by me ahead of time so I made sure my lips were ready for this treat.  

So my look for the day & my airbrushed lips was all about this Red Velvet cake.  There's some red, gold & of course, I am always wrapped in chocolate (think about it, you'll laugh) so this was an inspired desert & an inspired look.  

Ok, I know this post a bit long so I am going to wrap it up by adding a couple of videos & to reward your for sticking around, I will share a bunch of delectable photos of the yummies that can be found at Dough. One of the things I want you to keep in mind as you view the below video, I did my lips long before leaving the house so the fresh color you see in the photo above went through Roux, Datz & half of that Red Velvet cake at Dough.  

Here I share my quick review while inside of Dough, its a bit noisy so I hope you can hear me raving about this great evening.  If you want to see what others thought of these restaurants, head over to Twitter or Instagram and #Crawl4Foodies.