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Project Airbrush

I have always been an artistic person.  I have painted T-shirts, I did hair professionally for 5 years after leaving the military and I'm not too bad at decorating although the experts are much better at that part than I am.  I have always been pretty fashionable & for most of my life I refused to follow the trends.  Thinking of myself as a trendsetter, who wants to copy someone else's style?  Eeewww

So to venture over into the kingdom of makeup really wasn't unexpected or a far cry from the life I've been living.  I own tons of eyeshadow, makeup brushes & the like.  However, like most of what I have done in my life, I seem to like the road less traveled, I think I just like things to be difficult...or perhaps challenging for me is a better word.  So instead of sticking to traditional brushes I decided to try my hand at airbrushing.  When I went to get my first professional products, the fella that assisted me told me to do eyeshadows probably wasn't the best idea but he didn't say it was impossible.  Over the course of the next year, eyeshadows is where I focused much of my airbrushing energy.  

Whenever I mention airbrushed makeup, women automatically think of weddings & they think of foundation.  When I share with them that I airbrush it all with the exception of my eyebrows (which could be airbrushed) they are shocked that you can do so much without actually touching your face.  So I decided to conduct an experiment.  I broadcasted that I wanted 5 women of different skin tones that would allow me to airbrush their makeup.  The response was a bit overwhelming, I did not expect the number of women to show up in my inbox as they did.  I am still turning away women but I selected 12.  I am hoping to share with you something about each of these beauties as well as some before & afters.  Stay tuned, this will be coming to a blog post near you :-)