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My first trip to a medspa

I am in the middle of doing one of the scariest things in my life(packing to move out of the country)  but I still had to stop and take a little time for me. I had been postponing a pedicure, a few weeks ago, I had a massage and as I was trying to figure out a new way to manage stress, I got an email. The email asked me to share some services of a med spa located in Clearwater, Florida. So my response was, I don't share things I have never experienced, so the offer came for me to select a service & see what I thought. Please know that while these services were free, my opinion is my own.

Well, first came the choices, there were hydrafacials, they offer medical weight loss which I DO NOT need lol I've already lost over 60 lbs (thanks Lupus) and they even offer...ahem, the tightening of the female personal area. I decided on having my teeth whitened. I will be honest, I'd never really considered this before my illness but after I decided to ditch the coffee & now do I rarely drink red wine, I felt this would be something that could be effective and long lasting so I went for it.

I scheduled my appointment and when I arrived, I instantly liked the office. It was definitely geared towards us ladies. 

I entered to great signs that told me I was beautiful & there were comfy, colorful seats in the waiting areas with pillows that had the Chanel logo, it was really cute. I didn't have to wait long, my appointment was scheduled for 1p.m. and right at 1p.m. I was in the room with Hahn. She has been doing teeth whitening for about 10 years. She was a warm and wonderful person, I even got a big hug when I left. 

My appointment consisted of 3 small sessions in 1 and then a 2nd appointment with Goli to finish me up. She too was wonderful and took me right on schedule. During each of the sessions, they would add the solution and leave me for 15 minutes, then return, remove the old solution, apply new & then we'd do another 15 minute session.  I looked like an alien but it was actually quite relaxing. 

First they see where you are on the chart so they can know how successful the whitening was. 

First they see where you are on the chart so they can know how successful the whitening was. 

When it was all said & done, I was happy. Fortunately for me, I was told that my teeth weren't in such bad shape starting out. I started out at a 10 on their little tooth scale & I ended at 4 on top and a 6 on the bottom. I count that as a success.  I always thought a service of this type was quite costly, well mine of course was free (please know that that does not affect my opinion & I explained that to my host when I accepted the service, honesty is the best policy) but now having added that disclaimer, this service would have cost me less than $100 per session. I was surprised to learn that and had I known it, I might have had this done a long time ago. 

I feel like Sigourney Weaver should be around the corner ready to take me out lol

I feel like Sigourney Weaver should be around the corner ready to take me out lol

After the session, you have some eating and drinking restrictions so that you don't immediately stain your teeth. I found it fairly easy to follow, basically its all light colored foods. Once the teeth seal (about 48 hours) then you will see your true final result. So here I am all smiles :-)

Should you decide to have your teeth whitened and you're in the Tampa area, I highly recommend that you visit Health & MedSpa located at 2745 State Road 580, Suite 101 in Clearwater. The staff was courteous, the place was pretty & clean and my appointments ran exactly on time. I enjoyed the services I received. Have you ever had your teeth whitened? Would you do it again?