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My first shopping trip in Nicaragua

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I arrived at the airport heading to my new life with 7 bags. American Airlines claims there was an embargo and that I could only bring 2 bags with me. I was pretty ticked off to say the least but now that I have arrived, they probably did me and the guy that drove me to my new temporary digs a big favor. 

From 7 bags down to 2

From 7 bags down to 2

First of all, at some point I was going to have to figure out how to lug all that nonsense around and what I did bring resulted in almost $300 in overweight charges. That was just for 2 bags, can you imagine if I'd been able to bring them all?  I managed to get my blender here (good thing) and all cool weather clothes (not good). After all the time I took to downsize my life, I'm a little sad that the new life starts with the need to go shopping. Yes, I know, as a fashionista that is almost blasphemy to say but I'm in a temporary place with really heavy bags.

I have made a decision (it was made stateside) in order to keep my life light, I plan on wearing my items 4 maybe 5 times and then I am going to either donate or sell them. If you see something I am wearing that you like, I will try to find something similar if I am not your size or you can wait a short time & you can have it for a song. 

So here is my first purchase fashion wise in Nicaragua. I'm a little travel weary so don't judge (that's not nice anyway) but I am here & happier than I appear in the picture. 

Looking a bit travel weary but I'm cooler in this dress than in the leggings in my suitcase  

Looking a bit travel weary but I'm cooler in this dress than in the leggings in my suitcase


I can tell you that there will be a lot of maxi dresses, palazzo pants & flowy wear in my future. Here are a few things on my wish list, what do you think of them?

This one I love because of the stripes, I'm sure you can tell from the dress I'm wearing that I have no issue with a great pattern.

POCKETS! That's what I love about the next dress and seriously, who doesn't love polka dots? They are so classic. 

Power color anyone? I love a good red dress & this one will be perfect for those days that I am sauntering on the beach...yes, I said sauntering. 

I saw this one & was like WHOA, I think you all will see me wearing soon as I figure out how to get mail in Nicaragua.