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Merry Christmas Airbrush Makeup Glitter

It's the day before Christmas and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring and I hope there's no mouse lol What is going on around here of course only happens maybe once a year.  What is it you ask?  Glitter in the eyeshadow!

Christmas just ain't Christmas without a little tinsel right.  Here I mix a few different methods so there will be some traditional eyeshadow, some crazy looking airbrushing going on & of course a little glitter.  I hope you enjoy the final outcome even if the process of getting there looks quite scary (I'll have to do this again for halloween next year) :-)

Helping you master the art of doing your own airbrush makeup.  A little glitter goes a long way as I airbrush my eyeshadow while using  a little glitter to bling things up.

Products used:

Face Primer:
Eyeshadow primer:
Pencil for eyebrows:
Additional help to keep the eyeshadow from creasing:  MOM

Airbrush colors are MAC Pro Airbrush, unfortunately they are not available online unless you are a professional.  I am testing other makeup products so that if you want to purchase, they will be available.  A good alternative is Temptu Pro line, you can purchase those colors.

Eyeliner (I got it from Ipsy) but you can get it here: 
If you are interested in joining Ipsy, check them out here: and if you have some reservations or questions, I did a review on them that may help you make a decision on whether or not its for you.  

Glitter:  This isn't the exact one I have, I got mine from a place called Icing & couldn't find their brand online but I'm sure these will work.

Bondage by Urban Decay, this is what helps the glitter stay on.

Eyeshadows Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay:

Eyelashes:  Andrea Lash #28

Please let me know if you have any questions about the videos I share, I am always happy to help.  Also, please note that if you use any of the links I share in this post, they are affiliate in nature & I will be paid a small referral fee.  This does not affect your price that you would pay should you use these links but you I am thankful for the support you show by using them. 

The photo below is AFTER the party.  I danced, sweat and then danced some more.  The only thing that came a little undone was the glitter.  No creasing (Thanks to the crazy primer job beforehand) and I could have gone on all night with my makeup pretty much in tact.  Have you tried airbrush makeup yet?  If so, what do you love or hate about it?