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How Much Do You Spend On Foundation?

I became a makeup junkie at the age of 40 when I decided to do a blog post on having my makeup done.  I ventured into MAC Cosmetics in my local mall and got my makeup done following their rule to buy a certain amount in makeup as payment.  I always liked their colors of lipstick and figured with the price point, I would be ok with that rule.  

I had no intention of buying all that I did but the foundation she used on me was probably the most perfect I'd ever had in my entire adult life.  It was called Matchmaster and it matched my skin pretty much perfectly.  I thought it was a miracle.  When I decided to shift from traditional foundation to airbrush, I was worried that 1. I wouldn't find a great match & 2. that it was going to be super expensive.

My Matchmaster foundation ran around $35 a bottle at the time & I would say it would last a while but I am going to say I would go through 2 bottles a year.  How long does a bottle or a compact of foundation last you?  Then if I got the powder (which I learned was not something a woman my age needed so I still have that) the cost was roughly $35 for this (and it is being wasted).  I don't know how long this is supposed to last because I learned fine lines & setting powder don't go together very well for me.  So lets just say if used consistently I would probably only go through a powder compress in a year.  I'm up to $105 and I haven't even put eyeliner, eyeshadow or blush on yet.  What I love about airbrush foundation is I don't need powder to set it.  It lands where it should and dries and stays put.  I will spray a setting spray but its more for my crazy eyes than my foundation.  

Last year in October, I did a foundation review in October, the same 2 bottles I mentioned mixing for my perfect color are the same two bottles I have been using in the videos on this blog.  I have yet to run out because I only use mere drops to get the right look.  I've saved about $35 because I don't need powder & if I were lucky and only needed one color to match my skin, I would have saved $70.  I can find a great sale at 6pm that would allow me to get 3 pairs of shoes with that $70.  

I looked at what I was saving on foundation, on not buying unnecessary products & the overall look and feel that airbrushing gave me & converted permanently.  Have you ever been airbrushed?  What did you think?  I felt flawless coverage & the savings I experienced should happen always.  What do you think?