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5 Awesomely Amazing Beauty Bloggers

I am a bit of a makeup junkie but it hasn't always been that way.  I didn't start wearing makeup until I turned 40 but I have always been fascinated by the people who could take a plain  face & turn it into WOW!  

As I have learned more & more about makeup, I have a few people that I see as my "go to" people for how to do the job not just right but they are outstanding in the way they teach it & in the results they get.  In addition to learning new techniques, for me there is also some entertainment value. I won't get as adventurous as some of the looks shared by these bloggers but I do get a kick out of watching the transformations. 

Jordan Liberty

First of all, have you seen him?  He has these bold blue eyes that just make you want to look at his videos for no other reason than those EYES! lol I just happened to be surfing the internet a few years ago when I "discovered" this wonderful makeup artist.  In fact, my very first airbrush makeup look was inspired by a look that he shared.  

Jordan is a professional makeup artist who uses the #GiveGoodFace and I would agree that he does indeed.  He has models of different ages & colors and always takes a minimalist approach to his techniques which really appealed to me.  Since I am not a professional and since I came to become a makeup wearer late in the game, I don't want to pile it all on & he does a lot to let the natural you show through.  Be sure to check him out & subscribe to his channel.


Destiny Godley

I cannot remember exactly how I came across Destiny Godley but once I did, I was hooked.  Here was a chocolate girl like me!  That made me excited & I knew that if these eye shadows were showing up on her, they would show up on me.  She gave me "permission" to be bold because she would wear colors I would only side eye in the store and she wore them on her eyes AND on her lips.  I will be honest, as far as online makeup guru's I don't think she's gotten her due, the girl is bad!  She shares not just her makeup but her hair journey as well and I think if you haven't checked her out yet, you're missing some good stuff, especially if you're chocolate.

Wayne Goss

If you are into makeup and have not heard of this fella, that would shock me.  Seriously, he is so much of what makeup seems to be on Youtube.  Is it by design that these makeup artists are beautiful people?  He has taught me so much and he really breaks down the information that he shares so novices like me can not only do it, but hopefully do it right.  The techniques he teaches with traditional makeup can be replicated with the airbrush and because he tells you what it should look like you can duplicate what he shares.  He is by far one of my favorites so if you have not checked him out, please get your butt on over there & do so.



Have you ever wondered how many of the things you find in the beauty section of Pinterest really work?  We see them, think they're cool so we pin them but how often do you actually try some of the things you pin?  Well Ellko (Ellie)  takes those beauty hacks that we pin & tests them.  It's like a suspense thriller sometimes because you never know what's going to happen next.  Be sure to go check her out.

Chanel Boateng

I almost think that if you're American, a British accent is pretty cool and it's especially cool when its had by a chocolate woman.  In addition to her beautiful accent is the fact that she is dark chocolate and Iove to see what looks she will create.  In one of her videos, she surprisingly uses self tanner.  I really do enjoy the bloggers that make you consider getting a little innovative with your look, I also enjoy it when the bloggers get together to support one another.  

Who are your favorite beauty bloggers?  I hope I have provided a good mix here and there is a lot to learn, let me know who your favorites are.