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A Little Glitter Goes A Long Way: Before & After

The holiday season is definitely well under way.  Seems to start earlier & earlier each year but at least the parties wait until December even if the decorations come out in September.  I attended my first party of the season this past weekend.  I of course airbrushed my makeup but I used a few other items as well.  In addition to using the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay I also grabbed some glitter

One of the many things I like about airbrush makeup is the versatility it offers.  You can use so many additional mediums with it.  What I really enjoyed about this look was I was allowed to really put the makeup to the test.  I went out and danced up a storm, I danced until I was drenched.  Well you know glitter has a way of straying, I used Urban Decay's Bondage to add it to my look but no matter what, a few particles always manage to do their own thing. 

Something else I added to my regimen this go round was a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia to my lids.  You have to be careful to only add a thin layer if you're going to use this because it can appear chalky and interfere with your final look if you add too much.  My reason for using this is because I have enough oil in my lids to make Valvoline jealous.  Somehow even with primers and setting sprays, I manage to still crease.  MOM is a miracle cure for more than just tummy aches.  It aided in my makeup not creasing.  While before pictures are always flawless, I often wonder what the after photos look like.  Well all of the word above are to lead you up to an after picture.  

Here I am before I left for the party.  

Everything all neat and in its place.  I was pretty thrilled with the way this look came out (the video tutorial will be shared later this week).  I was even more pleased when I returned home to see what condition the makeup was in.  I was concerned because I didn't just airbrush, the glitter, the mixing with traditional eyeshadows and the milk of magnesia were all new combined things for me.  I really wanted to be able to come home & share how they all held up together and I am happy my experiment worked.  Here is the after photo.  

You can see that the glitter just had a mind of its own but overall the look is still pretty much what it was in the before picture.  I hear women say that airbrushing is expensive.  I disagree, when you think about how frequently you touch up your makeup during the day and how much makeup you really go through you will find that investing in this technique is much like investing in a quality pair of shoes.  Lasts longer, looks better & cost effective over the long haul.