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A Little Drama: Gold & Black Airbrush Eyeshadow

I started off being quite conservative in my airbrush colors for eyeshadows but will be honest, deciding to share with an audience has made me want to learn more.  I get a little bolder each day.  This airbrush eyeshadow look was quite bright for me.  I hope you enjoy this look....and nobody talk about my bad beehive :-)  I wasn't ready yet.  Hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  

I use MAC Pro airbrush makeup, it can only be purchased on site or at a Pro store.  However, I try to stick with mixing primary colors so you can recreate these colors using airbrush makeup from other companies.

The colors I used in the video are Primary Yellow, Ochre (which is the darker yellow) & Black Black.

Ulta Matte Prime: for my entire face
Eyeshadow Primer, MAC paintpot Groundwork:
Eyebrows: Ulta gel pencil, the color is black/brown:
Concealer around the brow: MAC Select cover up NW45:

Airbrush is a dual action gravity feed, model G44:

I have 2 compressors but this is the one I use more frequently:

If you have questions, I have a facebook page that may help:

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