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A Few Things About Me

I started this blog after coming back from a month long trip to South America, I came back after tons of emails from women in particular who thought I was so brave to pursue the dream of interviewing a new country.  My goal is to find a new place to call home outside of the States.  As more and more emails showed up and people revealed things they wished they could do, I started wondering why they weren't living the life they truly wanted.  

I have always been that person that says "Hey, I think I want to try that" and I do .  To get these emails from so many was encouraging but also sad to me.  I came back here wondering what could I do to help women boost their confidence and make them step out and do what they really wanted to do.  I will be honest, my message got watered down because I went to the "professionals" upon my return hoping they could guide me towards being able to motivate women.  I really wanted to be able to speak and help empower but I'd never done that before so I was uncertain of where to start.  Then I was up one morning, did my makeup & was like "Oooh, girl you look amazing" and all day I felt that way and it was as if the Red Sea was parting to let me have my way with the world.  So I started airbrushing as a way to show others how to look good on the outside & feel good in the inside.  Then I once again went for a few opinions on what I was sharing.  I was told you're talking too much in your videos, you really need to just show the techniques.  I will be honest, I have mad respect for the Youtube makeup Guru's but I am not sharing makeup because I want to be a makeup artist.  My methods of makeup are not mainstream and not many are airbrushing their own makeup.  My method was chosen to show that we all have a unique talent to bring to the table and that we need to stop being afraid to step out and be different.  I said all of that to say that if you like my videos, then I hope to continue to see you on my blog & my channel.  The messages will be changing and the goal that I am hoping to attain is what will be kept in mind going forward.  I do hope you will like the changes you see and the messages you will here.  

As I make these changes, I asked people to submit questions that they were curious about so here is that video, I hope you find it entertaining and that you learn a little more about me.  Thanks for hanging out :-)