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Kellie ~ The Hurricane In Heels

Kellie spent over a decade in the Real Estate industry where her moniker of The Hurricane In Heels was earned.  She is known for her ambitious approach that always created a win/win for everyone she worked with.  During the downturn in the market, she started blogging shoes & purses to keep her mind off of the drastic changes in both her professional and personal life.  Wherever she went, she created a whirlwind of activity and things were not the same once she became involved so she was dubbed The Hurricane In Heels by a former broker. 

Showing homes in the hot Florida sun, Kellie realized that traditional makeup was not serving its purpose, she also realized that as she grows older, traditional makeup was falling into places it shouldn't so she started initially airbrushing her foundation.  She then started experimenting with the eyeshadows & blushes.  Her skills grow daily and here she shares with you what she has learned.  

She is the mother of two phenomenal adults who are forging their own way in the world.  Proud mother, shoe addict and makeup junkie, her hope is that you will find something gorgeous, fun & fabulous here, LIKE YOU!